Sailing Holidays For Singles

Love to go sailing but travelling solo? On Rubicon 3, more than 90% of the crew join solo, meaning that it’s the almost perfect environment for solo travellers. On these sailing holidays, at a very practical level it means:

Reduced Awkwardness

Almost everyone on the trip will also be solo travelers, eliminating the awkwardness of joining a group activity alone.

Fast Friendships

The shared experience of sailing and exploring together fosters quick bonding and creates opportunities to make new friends.

Balance of Socializing and Solitude

There’s ample opportunity to connect with others, but also plenty of space and time for those who crave some alone time, especially once we get to shore each day.

Personal Space

Unlike the cramped quarters on a smaller yacht, Rubicon 3 offers individual bunks and storage for each person.

Teamwork Environment

Sailing tasks are shared, creating a real sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

Open to All Ages

These adventures welcome people of all ages, so long as you can pass our fitness test, so you almost certainly won’t feel out of place age-wise.

No Single Supplement

Unlike many trips, Rubicon 3 doesn’t charge extra for solo travelers.

Read one solo crew member’s personal experience here.

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