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Trip ratings Picking the right adventure for you

It’s essential that we get you on the right trip for you. Above all else sailing has to be fun and you have to love your time on board. Each of our sailing adventures has a ‘Trip Type’ and an ‘Intensity Rating’. Follow this simple guide to pick the right trip type for you.

Trip Types

All trips are one of these three types:


These trips have exploration at their core. Each day you’ll set sail toward a new location, receiving expert sailing and navigation instruction as you go. There’s rarely if ever any overnight sailing and we try to finish each day’s sailing around 1630 hrs, giving everyone time to head ashore and explore.

Advanced Coastal Passagemaking Course

For those who have achieved the RYA Day Skipper/ ASA 104 practical certificates or higher, but want to further develop their knowledge and skills with real world training from the experts in coastal and short offshore passages In this intensive masterclass you’ll make rapid gains in your seamanship, sailing and skippering ability.

Offshore & Ocean

Yearning to head hundreds of miles offshore or sail across an ocean? These are the trips for you as we take on the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, and many of the world’s great seas. Most of these trips can count towards your RYA Yachtmaster Ocean qualifying passage when you book on as a watch leader.

Intensity ratings

We also show each trip’s estimated intensity:


Our ‘leisurely’ rated trips are perfect for absolute beginners, or those who are looking for more of a relaxing atmosphere amongst the sailing and the training. The sailing grounds are likely to be more sheltered, with shorter distances between most stops, and you’ll head ashore somewhere new every day, with time to explore.


Our ‘moderate’ rated trips are those where we expect the sailing to be that little bit longer and more challenging. They are ideal for those who already have some sailing experience, but beginners with a good attiude are still very welcome. The locations will be more off the beaten track, you‘ll be further offshore, there’s likely to be an overnight sail and you may find yourself encountering wetter and windier weather.


Our ‘challenge’ rated trips are for sailors who are keen to have a serious adventure. These expeditions are likely to have extended periods of offshore sailing and spend time in remote locations. Facilities will be limited at best and itineraries a guide but no more. Bring your expedition mindset and get ready to expect the unexpected.

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